Simple pendulum lab report

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The Simple Pendulum Experiment

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Pendulum Lab

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Pendulum Experiment

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In the example of a kid being pushed in the swings at a playground, this is the time it takes the kid to be pushed and then return back for another push. The aim of the experiment was to determine the value of the acceleration due to gravity by measuring the period of the simple pendulum.

effects that the length of the string and the mass of the bob have on the pendulum.4/4(2). View Notes - simple pendulum lab from PHYS at University of South Carolina. Simple Pendulum Lab Mark Wojoski Justin Lyles PHYS.

Swing Low: Investigate the Motion of a Pendulum

The Simple Pendulum Revised 10/25/ 3 where g is the acceleration of gravity, θ is the angle the pendulum is displaced, and the minus sign indicates that the force is opposite to the displacement. With the help of a lab partner, set the pendulum in motion until it completes 30 to and fro oscillations, taking care to record this time.

Then the period T for one. A proper experiment must report for each measured quantity both a “best” value and an uncertainty. Thus it is necessary to learn the techniques for estimating them. Although there are powerful formal tools for this, simple methods will suffice in this course.

Simple pendulum lab report
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