Salivary amylase lab report

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The Effects of Temperature, pH and Enzyme Concentration on Amylase

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Lab Exercise: Digestion of Starch by Salivary Amylase The digestion of a carbohydrate such as starch begins in the mouth, where is it mixed with saliva containing the enzyme salivary amylase.

Salivary amylase catalyzes the reaction, acting on starch as the substrate [the other reac-tant] (Barrass, ). During the reaction, the alpha-1, 4 linkages between glucose units in An actual Lab Report would contain more accurate detail.

Salivary Amylase. The following steps were followed to conduct the salivary amylase experiment. Lab Exercise 1: Digestion of Starch by Salivary Amylase The digestion of a carbohydrate such as starch begins in the mouth, where is it mixed with saliva containing the enzyme salivary amylase.

Previous studies have already suggested saliva proteomic and genomic biomarker candidates for pSS, however, a sensitive and specific biomarker from this fluid source has not yet been protein profile of saliva is dominated by a series of highly-abundant proteins, such as salivary amylase, albumin, and immunoglobulin, which mask potential low-abundance biomarkers.

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Review your lab test results. Overview Glucose Electrolytes Waste Products Enzymes Proteins Blood Fats Minerals Thyroid Glycohemoglobin CBC Risk Factors Urinalysis.

Salivary amylase lab report
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