Nabard report on nilgiris tea

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THE NILGIRI PLANTATIONS According to the Royal Commission reports ofthe land under tea plantation was very limited, but the requirement onwards the growth of tea cultivation was steady and the acreage under tea in the Nilgiris rose to 4, in According to the UPASI report ofnearly 2 1, acres were brought under.

Nilgiri Tea is grown in the hills of the Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu as well as some other parts of South India.


They are a picturesque range of undulating hilly landscapes where tea is grown at elevations ranging from 1, meters to 2, meters. The Nilgiris is bounded on North by Karnataka State on the West by Coimbatore District. In August the Nilgiris was separated from the Coimbatore District and brought under the control of.

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This 60-yr-old can't read or write but her ground reports are transforming the Nilgiris

Uploaded by Kswamy Deenabandu. Related Interests. Tamil Nadu; Supply Chain Management Nilgiris tea is grown in high elevation and has good flavour. Ground Level Credit and Refinance Disbursement by NABARD for Tea in Tamil Nadu lakh during Refinance disbursement under Plantation & Horticulture.

Nabard report on nilgiris tea
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