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News in the Humanosphere: U.N. issues final report on Millennium Development Goals

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Norum, Norway Suttilak Smitasiri, Thailand M.S. Swaminathan, India Julia Tagwireyi, Zimbabwe Ricardo Uauy, Chile. The NEPA Final EIS, expected to be published inwill also inform local, state, and federal permit decisions.

Millennium Development Goals 15 Years Later: How Did We Do?

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News in the Humanosphere: U.N. issues final report on Millennium Development Goals By Tom Murphy on 7 July 0 And the news is overwhelmingly encouraging. The Zimbabwe Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Final Progress Report was made possible through a participatory consultative process final report for Zimbabwe.

Special gratitude is also extended to the following lead sector ministries for spearheading the planning.

Report on the future of Millennium final report
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