Interactive whiteboard writing a report

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Interactive whiteboard

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Perfect activities to use with any Interactive Whiteboard

Types of Writing Beginning Independent Writing: Five-Sentence Essays for Early Writers: Using a Graphic Organizer as a Planning Tool Use on Interactive Whiteboard to model how to fill in the organizer for an essay topic to prepare students for independent writing.

These whiteboard-ready lessons provide a dynamic tool for helping students master key writing forms. Each lesson presents a must-know format, such as a personal narrative or a summary, and shows step by step how to introduce and teach the model—and how to use the interactive whiteboard to engage students in learning.

The models include. Writing Lessons for the Interactive Whiteboard Step-by-step lessons with tips for Promethean and SMART board users. Elementary Whiteboard Bundle Four.

Interactive Writing is a process in which the teacher leads the students through various writing forms (e.g.

letter, persuasive essay, poems) by first modeling and having the. Sep 02,  · Hanshin Interactive Whiteboard - Writing & Erasing Hanshin Board.

Loading Unsubscribe from Hanshin Board? Need to report the video? Sign in to report inappropriate content. Become a Master Writer with our engaging and highly interactive Writing Skills Series digital lesson plan. Students will learn the fundamentals to writing a paragraph, book report and essay.

Interactive whiteboard writing a report
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