Gold fish lab report

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Goldfish Respiration Lab

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Calculating civilized carrying capacity of academics aquaculture using mass-balance modeling:. May 05,  · Andrew Nguyen/Period 6. So, last Friday, our class did a lab on the respiration of gold fish and how temperature affects them.

While doing this, we found that as the temperature in the water rises, the goldfish breathes faster.

Goldfish Respiration Lab

The Effect of Water Temperature on Goldfish Respiration Rate Brandon Allen Course: General Biology Instructor: Ms. Ann Gray Assignment: Lab Report Introduction The purpose of this experiment was to identify the effect of cold water temperature on the.

The Effect of Water Temperature on the Breathing Rate of Goldfish Introduction The scientific method of problem solving is a method that scientist use to predict and /5(1).

In the Happy Fishing lab my classmates and I had to play the role of the head of the family (fisherman/women). We had to catch enough fish to support our family which meant paying operating costs, making a profit, and paying for our living expenses.

Do fish have panic attacks?

May 12,  · In class last week, we did the Goldfish Respiration Lab, where the goal was to test how the respiration rate of a goldfish fluctuates with differences in the temperature of the water.

Prior to performing this experiment, I hypothesized that the rate of breathing of a fish would increase with an increase in the temperature.

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Gold fish lab report
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