Fast plants lab report

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Wisconsin Fast Plants®

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Fast Plant lab report

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aRtiFiCiaL seLeCtion Can extreme selection change expression of a Many lab investigations that help students derive an understanding of generation of Wisconsin Fast Plants from seed to seed, followed by an additional Jan 08,  · In this Fast Plant lab we planted and grew Wisconsin Fast Plants.

By growing these plants we were able to see what kind of data we would be working with and then manipulate the experiment to produce results that we wanted and would expect. Abstract: This lab was conducted to have an understanding of fast plants by combining Mendelian genetics with plant physiology.

The type of plant seed used for this experiment was the Brassica rapa. As the plants grew throughout the semester, observations of the phenotype were made of the P1, P2, and F1 plants.

The statistical analysis was made to determine how well the ratios of progeny %(23). 4 Investigating Mendelian Genetics with Wisconsin Fast Plants™ Welcome to the wonderful world of Wisconsin Fast Plants™ and investigations to engage. I think that what your group did for your experimental affected/did not affect something about the plant because the data shows data and results from your lab.

example: I think that over watering the Fast Plants did affect the height of the plants because the data shows the overwatered plants were shorter than the control plants. Fast Plant lab report on - Biology, Lab Report - WriterT, ID -

Fast plants lab report
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