Biological molecules lab report

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Acids, bases, pH, and buffers

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Biological Molecules Lab Report Essay Sample

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Biology L – General Biology Lab I Lab 4: Biological Molecules Introduction There are four major classes of organic compounds (macromolecules) which comprise the bulk of living matter: carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids.

In the first part of this laboratory you will Lab04_Biological_Molecules. molecules,#the#reagent#changes#colour#to#purple.# #####3.#Lipids# #####8#To#test#for#the#lipids,#use#a#paper#that#fats#andoils#have#beenexposedonto:#fats#andoils# will#not#evaporate#and#will#leave#oily#spot#behind.#Absolute#ethanol#canbe#usedtotest#for#lipids#too.# Microsoft Word - Created Date: 9/6/ AM.

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This report has been reviewed by the Rome Laboratory Public Affairs Office (PA) and is releasable to the National Technical Information Service (NTIS).

Biological molecules lab report
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