Attributions in news writing and reporting

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Chapter 10 - Writing News and Features Writing for the mass media begins with learning how to write news. This chapter gives students a basic introduction to the forms and conventions of writing news and feature stories for print and the web.

The Sago Mine disaster was a coal mine explosion on January 2,at the Sago Mine in Sago, West Virginia, United States, near the Upshur County seat of blast and collapse trapped 13 miners for nearly two days; only one survived.

It was the worst mining disaster in the United States since the Jim Walter Resources Mine disaster in Alabama on September 23,and the worst. Sep 27,  · How to Write a News Report. In this Article: Article Summary Sample News Reports Collecting Information for the Report Writing the News Report Community Q&A A news report is similar to a news article.

It is the basic facts of a story that is currently happening or that just happened. The key to successful news writing is recognizing that news writing has its own for-mat. Your stories should be easy to read. Your goal isn’t to impress the reader with your superb diction and eloquent sentences.

The goal is to provide them with the information News Gathering and Reporting Guide The New York Times.

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Aas, H., Klepp, K., Laberg, J. C., & Aaro, L. E.

Defining the Role of Authors and Contributors

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Attributions in news writing and reporting
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