A report on the amityville horror a novel by jay anson

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The Amityville Horror

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Horror film

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I enjoyed this book even though it is entirely fictional (aside from the Defeo murders, that is the only part of the book based on a true story). The rest of the book is an admitted hoax but is, nevertheless, an interesting read.

As is usually the case, the book is much better than the movies/5(). The Amityville Horror, The Novel () The book opens with a true-crime account of the Ronald Defeo murders. The Lutz Family knew about the murders before moving in.

Oct 27,  · Jay Anson chronicles their paranormal experiences in a pulp horror classic. Josh Kilmer-Purcell says Amityville 's hyperbole and hackneyed plotlines keep his mind off of his own anxieties.

READ BOOK: The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson online free. Online reading The Amityville Horror is available. You can read book The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson in our library for absolutely free/10(8). Comment: This book is a solid readable copy.

Minor cosmetic bruises and bumps keep it from being gift quality. The pages are clean, but may show minor writing, highlighting, stickers and/or sticker residue.

Jay Anson writes about a haunted house on Long Island where the inhabitants are driven mad by the spirits that dwell within. Ronnie DeFeo brutally murders his family in the house a year before the Lutz's move in.

A report on the amityville horror a novel by jay anson
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